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Successful Interviewing Techniques

"Giving you the tools to realize your potential & goals"

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  • $99-$149.99
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Service Description

Why do we need to build interviewing skills? The art of job searching and job acquisition requires more than a great resume, attractive cover letter and perfectly completed application. The application, resume, cover letter and references are only an introduction. The interview frequently tips the scale between getting a job or head-in-hand reflection. It is true that most people who are granted an interview have already satisfied the basic qualifications for employment. However, poor interview performances can keep prospective employees from being hired. "Like any good performance, a winning interview requires preparation and rehearsal." -- Perlmutter Block How can you benefit from developing interviewing skills? Whether it is the first interview or the 20th, everyone needs to know how to handle all three parts of an interview: the preparation for the interview, the actual interview and the time after the interview. Learning interviewing skills may assist you in several capacities. As stated above, good interviewing skills will help you secure employment. In addition, good interviewing skills will teach you how to determine if the job suits your individual goals and employment needs. Practicing interviewing skills will also assist you with presentation and public speaking skills. Finally, practicing interviewing will help you identify transferable work skills and develop skills useful in jobs where interviewing experience is necessary (for example: interviewing clerk, welfare eligibility workers, sportscasters and employment interviewers). FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION

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